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Skills learned in preschool are crucial in the workplace

All the jobs that machines can do now as performing surgery, driving cars or serving food, they still lack of social skills. They are the cooperation, empathy and flexibility that have become vital in modern day work. According to new research since 2000, occupations require both cognitive and social skills.

Even as technology eliminates some jobs, it creates others and it’s necessary to prepare students for the change of the work,the skills that schools teach may need to change. Social skills are rarely emphasized in traditional education. Observing the preschool classrooms, look a lot like the modern work world. Children move from art projects to science experiments to the play-ground in small groups, and their most important skills are sharing and negotiating with others. In their next studies this kind of lesson will be replaced by lecture -style teaching of hard skills, with less peer interaction.

Despite the emphasis on teaching computer science,learning math and science is not enough. In the tech industry, the jobs that combine technical  and interpersonal skills are booming,like being a computer scientist working on a group project.

Women have more successfully worked into collaborative jobs might be because female excel at things like emotional untelligence and working with others. In conclusion,traditional school subjects are probably more necessary tha others t0 compete in the labor market but some school are experimenting how to add social skills to the curricula. Traditional lessons involve too little interaction it need assign video lectures before class and reserve class for discussion or group work. The idea is to transmitt facts outside of class. Another way to teach social skills is through group activities like sport,band or drama and the students learn important workplace skills: trusting one another and being coachable.

Maybe high schools and collecges should evaluate students the way preschools do first of  all if they play well with others.



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